Stralsund, 30.09.2003


Mister Peter John, born on the 1st of May 1967 in Cirencester / UK, has been bilingual in Spanish and English since this morning. His language abilities are excellent and comprise for example how to (in Spanish)
  • go shopping
  • answer the door
  • order 50 beers
  • understand spanish children television
  • swearing at the driver who wants to run him over

Peter John is also able to deal with stressful situations. For example, he can follow the conversations of 20 drunken Spanish people around him. He takes great effort to improve his knowledge and exercises by initiatively asking people in the street the time or asking old people for money in a very polite manner. Peter John has made up different ways of practising spanish, e. g.

  • watching a lot of TV
  • listening in to people in the underground
  • listening to the radio in the bath
  • establishing his own vocabulary of spanish words for exotic fruit with more than 10 letters

Furthermore, Peter John speaks his perfectly understandable and pronounced Spanish at least 20 minutes per day.
He was especially happy when he succeeded in asking for soya milk in a supermarket. Peter John took no time at all to become familiar with the operational practices of a bilingual life. He is clearly passionate about languages, and we were very impressed to meet him personally.

Wir-AG (Us Inc.) wishes this exceptionally bilingual person the very best of luck with his future career, and hopes that we have a chance to meet up again before too long.
i.A der Wir- AG